Mindfulness Meditation

Better Sleep Meditation

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Better days start with a good night’s sleep. A customized guided sleep meditation series will melt away the day’s stress and encourage a pleasant night’s sleep. Many of us have difficulty “switching off” at night because our minds are constantly replaying events from the day. This makes it difficult to fall asleep, get enough rest, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Allow your mind and body to unwind as you listen to our meditation teachers’ soothing voices. They guide you through a gradual relaxation meditation to help you let go of the tension, worry, and disturbed sleep that you’ve been experiencing. Your body and mind will automatically calm down as you meditate, allowing you to sleep comfortably and rejuvenated.


Sleep Faster

Release tension in the body to allow for deep restoration

Sleep Deeper

Let go of repetitive thoughts and set the mind at ease

Wake Up Refreshed

Start your day with a fresh, new mind that’s ready to tackle the day