Healing the inner child Meditation

Release your toxic past and love your new self

Freedom and a new beginning

This guided healing meditation will allow you to meet your inner child. Your inner child is a younger version of yourself; it is a powerful healing technique that allows us to give ourselves what we did not receive as children. Anyone can benefit from reparenting through conscious attention, listening, and holding space for their inner child.

Why is it important to engage with inner child healing work? If you were abused, neglected, or experienced trauma at a young age, connecting with that inner child can help you to heal those wounds. When those wounds aren’t identified or healed, we often respond from that wounded place.

Your inner child likely suffers from sexual shame and sexual guilt. Whether this came in the form of ridicule, family repression, overt/physical incest, or covert incest/enmeshment, the chances are your inner child carries sexual wounds. To further complicate matters, when he reaches adulthood, he may feel an overwhelming sense of guilt or leading to dysfunctional romantic relationships.

This healing meditation has plenty of benefits for physical and emotional health, but a few of these relate directly to the inner child. By doing this inner child Meditation, you can learn to not only prevent these outbursts but reprogram your triggers and release that stored anger and resentment.

We can discover the source of our stress and eradicate it for good by practicing meditation. We’ll show you how to concentrate your attention and clear your mind of the pictures and confusing ideas that clog our minds and cause tension.


Release past

Recognize your past events and self-destructive behaviors.

Release your toxic past.

Reclaim and reprogram

Rewire the new patterns that have you feel empowered and allow you to get over your past confidently.

Discover your best self

Gain an understanding of your life and your purpose. Learn self-love and self-care.