Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation for Older Adults

New Begninng

According to older and wiser individuals with a wealth of life experience, stress and suffering are not worth holding on to. As a result, they have a good understanding of the “Letting Go” meditation principle and may rapidly feel the advantages of the practice.

This life-changing meditation may offer permanent joy and contentment to anybody, from the age of six to one hundred.

We reflect on our lives and let go of all the clutter we’ve carried with us using our meditation technique. It’s a chance to start again and go forwards with a clear mind and grateful heart.

Our program is aimed at older adults; however, people of all ages are invited to attend. This is particularly a gathering where you can’t help but feel the love and gratitude. Learn and practice the principles of meditation to cleanse the mind and see results quickly. Join us today.


New Friends

Connect with like-hearted people on the path of self-discovery.

New Wisdom

Gain an understanding of your life and your purpose.

New Start

Let go of the past and restart with a clean and new mind.