Session fees

We like to be absolutely open and honest about our costs and packages so that our clients are aware of the likely cost of treatment ahead of time and can plan accordingly.

Imagine a life where you are free of past habits, patterns, and behaviors.  Some clients might prefer a single session and they might get the desired results. However, in most majority of cases, a client will gain maximum benefit from 3, 4, or more sessions. It really depends on the individuals and what needs to be achieved.



Booking information

  • Advance booking payment is required to confirm your session.
  • Recommended minimum of 6 sessions required for effective and enduring results.
  • So far, no one has been refused treatment due to their financial situation. If you would like some help but are concerned about the cost, We will always try to accommodate. Please just let us know when you contact us. We can then explore some options to make it more affordable for you.
  • Many issues require a short course of treatment.  By booking and paying for future sessions in advance, you can make some significant savings.
  • At the end of your first session, we can discuss the best number of sessions to maximize the chances of resolving your issue, so that you do not pay for more than you need.