Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program



  • Do you want to create a personal breakthrough?
  • Do you want to make more money and be more successful?
  • Do you want to have more energy and feel happier every day?
  • Do you want to start living the life of your dreams?
  • Do you want to persuade difficult people and
    handle sensitive situations effectively?
  • Do you long to enjoy a committed relationship
    and keep falling for emotionally
    unavailable types?
  • Do you want to get unstuck from
    the life issues? 

Discover your true potential and become the person you really want to be.

Stages of Personal Breakthrough Program

When your unconscious mind blocks your path to success, you need to reprogram – fast results

What would it be like if you woke up one morning and a miracle had happened – your life had become exactly what you wanted it to be?

  • Self-discovery: Who are you really? Discover your true potential and become the person you really want to be.
  • Goal setting: The goals you set will give a sense of direction.. Goal setting is an important part of most of our coaching programs. The process of goal setting itself, and not just the goals that result, is valuable: it causes you to think about what is important – your purpose, values, direction, performance, personal satisfaction.
  • Reprogram your mind: program your goals and dreams directly into your unconscious mind. This will make them easier to achieve than ever before!
  • Plan & Action: At MindElation we help you design the right Action Plan that cater to your needs and brings about successful results in achieving your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Ultimate success: is more than success coaching. It touches every part of a client’s life to create success in one part that is connected with success in another. It’s fundamental because it is coaching at its purest, without the specialization that has crept into all aspects of modern life. But, it is also extreme because it works with the client to achieve success in every corner of their world.

For anyone going through a life challenge, the path at times can strip us of our purpose, cloud our minds and fill us with self-doubt, fear, uncertainty and a sense of overwhelming.

Personal Breakthrough coaching is designed to change your inner voice and your inner story. Unlike counseling and other talking therapies, this gives you more than a simple “understanding” of the problem – you’re getting a practical solution that will impact your life straight away.

We do this by finding the root cause of the negative chatter, and removing it using Time Line Therapy®, so it just isn’t there anymore.

Then we can replace it with new beliefs, aligned to your personal goals. Filling you with the confidence, energy, and motivation to find a better, more fulfilling life.

 In this program you will spend 12 weeks working a with professional at MindElation to get some perspective and clarify your goals. You will gain some valuable momentum into making vital changes that will bring yourself back to ‘you’ and enable you to approach your next steps in your journey with a strong sense of self and welcoming peaceful flow into your life.

What will you achieve out of this coaching session?

You can look forward to:

  • CLARITY: A deeper understanding of your personal values, priorities, and goals.

  • PURPOSE: A defined plan of action, and the resolute mind to see it through.

  • SUCCESS: Whatever it means to you, you’ll have all the tools to achieve it.

  • FULFILMENT: A sense of self-worth, as you fill your life with all the things that enrich you.

  • STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS: With the people in your life – starting with yourself.

  • A HEALTHY MINDSET: Improving your mental and physical well-being.

  • ULTIMATE CONTROL: The absolute freedom to chart your own course in life, without compromise.

When you have set your BIG goals and begun taking action towards achieving them even before you feel ready, your life will Transfor.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” ~Jim Rohn~

How does personal breakthrough coaching work?

The 12 Week Program Includes


  • A pre-coaching questionnaire: These materials are sent via email before to your first session. They will set the foundation for discovering your goals.
    • 12 x 60 minute coaching sessions:

    Each session will occur weekly by either phone or zoom video call. Your first session will enable you to explore and discuss the pre-coaching forms that you sent in and start on the path to creating a life you love.

    • Homework, Worksheets and other tasks:

    One of our Saira’s values is education, that of her own and that of the beautiful people she works with. Not only does she want you to thrive during your coaching project, but she also wants to teach you to build your own set of strategies to take with you throughout life. Saira will occasionally share worksheets and educational materials to help you develop your ‘mental well-being kit.’

    • Access to Email support:

    You will also benefit from mail correspondence with Saira whenever you need it during the period that you are working together. You can get in touch with her at any time and she will get back to you as soon as she can. Perfect for when you need some extra support or think of something you would like to run past her in between sessions.

    Access to Extras:

    Saira also distributes occasional e-inspiration as well as special offers designed exclusively for members.

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